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Children's bedside tables are a type of furniture that is placed next to the children's bed, with the aim of keeping necessary objects such as books, toys, lamps or alarm clocks close at hand. Choose the wooden children's bedside table that best suits their bedroom..

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How to choose a bedside table for a child's bedroom?

The children's bedrooms of children and young people can become wonderful rooms, thanks to the wide selection of Muemue children's furniture among which we find, for example, the most fabulous children's bedside tables. If you are starting to design your children's bedroom, you cannot miss our wide collection of side tables, chests of drawers and chest of drawers, as well as a wide variety of decorative proposals to furnish your home.

The keys to current decoration in children's bedrooms are focused on mixing styles, but always maintaining an aesthetic that is faithful to the personality of those who will occupy that space. Therefore, in children's bedrooms it is important to create designs that show the character of the little ones. In these bedrooms and thanks to our cheap children's bedside tables, children will feel great and will enjoy every carefully decorated corner.

At Muemue we are very clear about one thing, and that is that children's bedrooms should exude style, modernity and, above all, quality. That is why we have selected for you the best selection of children's bedside tables, children's chiffoniers and youth chests of drawers. Each of the proposals we make is ideal for the children's bedroom to become a marvel of style.

What to consider when choosing a children's chest of drawers?

In our online shop you will find the best catalogue of children's furniture. We love Nordic style decoration and we can't help but offer you the best proposals in this sense, such as our children's sinfoniers. Our children's decoration accessories are perfect to offer warmth to any bedroom, don't miss it!

At Muemue we want you to get exclusive designs for children's bedrooms. That's why we design our own fabric ceilings for Montessori beds and bunk beds, with which you can create a wonderful atmosphere for children.

Children's bedside tables and symphoniers at the best prices

With a simple children's bedside table, you can increase the storage options in the bedroom of children and teenagers. In addition, if you choose one of our modern side tables, in trendy colours and original prints, you will be able to successfully decorate these spaces.

It is also important to place a children's chest of drawers or a chest of drawers, which brings a lot of style to the children's room. This way your children will be able to keep all their clothes neatly stored and folded. You will no longer have to fight against clutter in children's rooms.

At Muemue we want you to save space, that's why we offer very functional and beautiful children's furniture. Pastel colours are perfect for the bedroom to become a place where children can let their imagination run wild. This type of lampshade attracts the light and ensures an exceptional style to enhance the Nordic decoration.

Don't think twice and take a look at our coffee tables, chest of drawers, chests of drawers, bedside tables and children's and teenage bedside tables. We are sure you will find the perfect piece of furniture for your children's room at the best price on the market. At Muemue we want your home to be stylish without having to spend too much money, and this complete selection of children's furniture is the proof.

Children's bedside tables

The bedside table is a must in every bedroom. This basic piece of furniture will help the little ones to have everything they need at hand, from a night light to stories to read. As an establishment specialising in children's furniture, Muemue has a great selection of bedside tables to choose from, which stand out for the diversity and originality of their designs.

White children's table

If you are looking for a simple but beautiful coffee table, which adapts to many decorative trends, we advise you to opt for a simple wooden model in white. White wood is a common element in children's bedrooms. Bedside tables such as the Arrow, Dream BIG, Fox or Fiano models will be great companions for your child's bed, depending on the shape you prefer.

Children's bedside tables

Looking for a children's table for your champion? You're sure to find one he'll love among the designs available from Muemue. White tables are a classic that always works in unisex bedrooms. But if you want something more original, round, plain or patterned tables, such as the Mint or Geometric Chic tables, or a piece of furniture with animals such as the Fox table, may be just what you're looking for.

Bedside tables for girls

Do you need a very special bedside table for your princess? We have beautiful models for feminine and unisex bedrooms. Girls who love pastel colours will be delighted with the Mint, Rosa and Nordic Kids round tables, as well as the Winnie chest of drawers. For those who want original options, there is a wide range of models, including furniture such as the Fox coffee table and the Chic coffee table. 

Cheap children's tables

The price/quality ratio is one of the most important aspects when choosing a bedside table. Nothing is better than acquiring a product that meets the needs of children at a fair price. In this sense, Muemue is your best ally. We have a great price range, offering durable, functional and well-designed bedside tables, which will be a great choice in the long run.

Mint green bedside table

A colour that is always on trend in children's bedrooms is mint green, a beautiful shade that evokes beauty and tranquillity for boys and girls. The Mint side table will be perfect to keep your baby company at night. It is a simple and adorable model, where you can easily accommodate a bedside lamp plus one or two other essential items.

Wooden children's table

Wood is always a great choice when decorating a child's room. This material is not only stylish and elegant, but also has a number of wonderful benefits. As well as being eco-friendly, strong, light and durable, it gives a sense of comfort to the environment in which the little ones live..

White bedside table

A classic and adorable option to place next to children's beds are white bedside tables.  Whether plain or with fun patterns, they look great in bedrooms with a Nordic, contemporary, rustic or vintage style - they are so easy to mix and match and go with so many styles!

Round bedside tables

Who says that bedside tables always have to be square? Small circular tables are more fashionable than ever and are a fantastic and original alternative.  Opting for a round bedside table such as the Arrow, Geometric Chic or Mint models is a great way to maintain a minimalist children's aesthetic.

Nordic children's table

Nordic style is king when it comes to decorating children's bedrooms. Choosing simple wooden furniture will be key to achieve this desired atmosphere. Models such as the Mint, Arrow, Fox and Nordic Kids bedside tables, stand out for maintaining this minimalist and adorable aesthetic at the same time, being able to integrate perfectly in rooms that follow this trend.

White children's table

The white bedside table will be the best companion for children in Montessori style environments, a method that is distinguished by including furniture in children's sizes, which encourages their independence. Muemue offers you an incredible selection of white wooden bedside tables, some simple, others with useful drawers and storage compartments.

Pink bedside table

For classic girls' bedrooms, the inclusion of pink furniture is always a good bet. The pink side table and the Winnie chest of drawers are great examples of how to incorporate this colour into a little girl's environment.

How long is a bedside table

A children's bedside table should be practical and compact, at the height of the children's bed. Its dimensions may vary depending on its shape. Muemue offers you the best selection of large and small bedside tables that will fascinate the little ones.


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