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Children's bed linen and duvet covers

From children's duvet covers with figures and animals to children's bedding designed to grow with them, decorating children's mattresses, at MueMue we offer a wide variety of options to create a space of dreams and fantasies for your children.

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    1. Why is Children's Bedding Important?
    2. Children's Bedding Buying Guide
      1. Bed Size
      2. Children's Duvet Covers
      3. Children's Bedspreads
    3. Compare sizes and models of our duvet covers for children
    4. How to care for children's bedding?
      1. Regular Washing
      2. Use a Mild Detergent
      3. Drying Correctly
    5. Frequently Asked Questions About Children's Bedding
      1. How many sets of bed linen should I have for my child?
      2. Should I buy bedding specifically designed for children?
      3. How should I store my children's bedding?
    6. Buy Children's Bedding at MueMue

Why is Children's Bedding Important?

Bedding not only provides comfort during sleep, it also helps to give children's bedrooms personality. Colourful and themed patterns can spark their imagination and make them feel more comfortable and secure in their own space. In addition, choosing the right bedding can help children adjust better to transitions, such as moving from a cot to a toddler-size bed.

Children's Bedding Buying Guide

Choosing the right bedding for your children can seem overwhelming, but at MueMue, we're here to help. Here's a step-by-step guide to choosing the right bedding for your children.

Bed Size

The size of your children's bed will determine the size of bedding you will need. We offer children's bedding in a variety of sizes, from cots to single beds and children's bunk beds. For single size beds, our 90x190 children's bedding options are perfect.

Funda Nórdica infantil

Children's Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are an excellent choice for children as they are easy to wash and change. We offer a wide selection of children's duvet covers, from animal and cartoon character designs to more sophisticated patterns for older children. For single beds, our children's duvet covers for 90cm beds are the perfect choice.

Children's Quilts

Quilts are another great option for children's bedding. They provide an extra layer of warmth during colder nights and also add a decorative touch to a child's room. Our children's bedspreads are available in a variety of colours and designs to suit any decor.

Compare sizes and patterns of our children's duvet covers

Model Available sizes Color Image
Bear duvet cover 90x190 White with teddy bears Funda nórdica infantil osito
Wendy duvet covers




Black and white Funda nórdica para niños blanca y negra
Nordic sling Cats 90x190 Pink with kittens Funda nórdica para niños
Safari duvet cover



Animal print funda nórdica infantil

How to look after children's bedding?

To keep your children's bedding in top condition, here are some useful tips:

Wash Regularly

It is important to wash bedding regularly to keep it fresh and clean. We recommend washing bedding once a week.

Use a Mild Detergent

Mild detergents are best for children's bedding as they are less likely to irritate their sensitive skin.

Dry Properly

To keep bedding in the best condition, it is important to dry it properly. Always refer to the care instructions on the product label.

Ropa de cama infantil

Frequently Asked Questions About Children's Bedding

How many sets of bedding should I have for my child?

We recommend having at least two sets of bedding for each child. This allows you to keep one in bed while the other is being washed.

Should I buy bedding specifically designed for children?

Yes, bedding designed specifically for children is usually softer and has designs they like. In addition, children's bedding is designed to fit the most common children's bed sizes.

How should I store my children's bedding?

We recommend storing bedding in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. It is also helpful to store each set of bedding in its own pillowcase to keep everything together.

Buy Children's Bedding at MueMue

At MueMue, we offer a wide selection of children's bedding, from duvet covers to bedspreads. No matter the size of your child's bed, we have the perfect bedding to create a dream space. And to complement your choice of bedding, don't forget to check out our children's pillows and mattresses - make MueMue your choice for children's bedding and more!


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