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Children's Furniture: Designing Dream Spaces for Your Little Ones

Transforming a children's or youth room into a space where children and teenagers feel at ease and can develop to their full potential is no easy task. What should be considered when choosing children's furniture and youth furniture? From cots and beds to study tables and bookshelves, each piece must be carefully thought through to ensure safety, functionality and an attractive design.

Why choose specific furniture for children's and young people's rooms?

Furniture for children and adolescents is different from conventional furniture in several respects:

  • Safety: Rounded edges, non-toxic paints and sturdy structures are essential.
  • Functionality: Whether it's a children's storage unit or a study table, each piece should be versatile and adaptable to a child's growth.
  • Design: Colours and patterns should appeal to children and reflecto their tastes and personalities.

Muebles juveniles

How to choose the perfect furniture for children's and young people's bedrooms

1. Set a budget

Children's furniture can vary greatly in price. Determine how much you are willing to spend before you start looking.

2. Measure the space

Before you buy any children's or teenage furniture, measure the space available in the room to make sure everything will fit perfectly..

3. Research materials and certifications

Look for furniture that is made of durable materials and has certifications that guarantee its safety.

Types of children's furniture available at Muemue and price range.

So that you can get an idea of the different types of children's furniture that you can buy at Muemue, we have prepared an informative table where you can see at a glance the main details of our furniture. At Muemue we are committed to building pleasant and fun spaces for the little ones in the house.

Children's Furniture Information Table
Type of furniture Detils Price range Image
Children's chairs and puffs

Fun designs with animal shapes
Different materials from wood to polyester
Easy to assemble

12€ - 250€ Sillón infantil
Children's shelving A variety of designs from children's house shapes
to the most common ones
Different colours available
14€ - 400€ Estantería infantil casita
Bedside tables Bedside tables and chests of drawers with childish and functional designs.
Various drawer units in different colours
30€ - 300€ Mesita de noche infantil
Children's wardrobes Youth wardrobes with modern designs 150€ - 400€ Armario juvenil
Junior desks

Attached to the bed
funny animal designs

40€ - 320€ Escritorio cama juvenil

How to Clean and Maintain Children's Furniture by Material

The durability and appearance of children's furniture, such as chairs, tables, desks and shelves, will depend to a large extent on the care you give them. Here we offer you a guide to keep them in perfect condition, according to their different materials.

Materials and approximate time for cleaning children's furniture:

  • Soft cloth: Essential for all types of furniture.
  • Neutral soap:  Ideal for gentle and superficial cleaning.
  • Wood oil or wax: Application can take 10-20 minutes..
  • Leatherette or synthetic cleaner:  Application and drying takes about 15-25 minutes.
  • Hoover with soft brush: Vacuuming can take 10-15 minutes, depending on the size and type of furniture.
  • Polyester cleaner: Application may vary, but generally takes no more than 20 minutes.

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1. Children's Wooden Furniture (chairs, tables, desks and shelves)


Start by dusting with a soft, dry cloth.For deeper cleaning, lightly dampen a cloth in water with a few drops of neutral soap.Clean following the direction of the wood grain.


Apply specific wood oil or wax from time to time to preserve the shine and health of the wood.Avoid exposing furniture to direct sunlight or heat sources to prevent warping or discolouration.

Silla infantil

2. Furniture Upholstered in Leatherette or Synthetic Materials


Use a damp cloth with neutral soap to clean the surface.For more stubborn stains, you can use specific cleaners for leatherette.


Although leatherette is durable, it is crucial to avoid sharp or hot objects that can damage it.To preserve the texture and colour, avoid direct exposure to the sun.

3. Polyester furniture (such as chairs and cushions)

Silla infantil rosa


Start by vacuuming the surface with a soft brush to remove dust and particles.Use a damp cloth and neutral soap to clean the surface.If removable, check the washing labels. Some can be machine washed in cold water.


Turn and rotate cushions occasionally to ensure even wear.Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading.With these tips, your children's furniture will maintain its functionality and beauty for a long time, ensuring an ideal and safe environment for children.

Solve your doubts about our children's furniture

How can I combine the children's room furniture with the existing interior design?

When considering combining children's furniture with existing interior design, cohesion is key. Be sure to integrate colours that complement each other. For example, if the furniture is in neutral tones, you can add touches of colour with accessories and decorations. In addition, use items such as cushions, rugs and curtains that reflect the youngster's personality and match the nursery furniture. Also, consider the theme or hobbies of the child or teenager to add decorative details that make the space unique and special.

Decoración infantil

Is it advisable for children's furniture to have built-in storage functions?

Furniture with storage functions is definitely a valuable addition to any children's or youth room. As children get older, they tend to accumulate more things, from toys to school supplies and clothes. Furniture such as beds with drawers underneath, desks with shelves and multifunctional cupboards can help keep the space organised and clutter-free. In addition, teaching children from a young age about the importance of organisation can instil valuable habits for the future.

Is Montessori furniture a good choice for young children?

Absolutely. Montessori furniture is designed to encourage independence and independent learning in children from an early age. Because it is designed at their height, it allows children to easily access their belongings, fostering their autonomy and confidence. In addition, this furniture is usually minimalist, which avoids distractions and allows children to concentrate on their activities.

What kind of finishes are most durable for children's furniture?

For children's furniture, it is essential that finishes are both aesthetically appealing and durable and easy to clean. Laminate or water-based paint finishes are popular choices as they stand up well to daily use and potential spills or marks. It is essential that the finishes are non-toxic and safe for children. That's why, at our children's furniture shop, we guarantee that all our products meet the most rigorous safety and quality standards.

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Find the cheapest children's and teenagers' furniture

In Muemue you will find a wide selection of the cheapest children's furniture. In our collection made expressly for you you have a wide range of chairs, armchairs, stools, beds, bunk beds, desks, shelves, bedside tables and many more things to complete the room of the little ones.  At Muemue we select our products always bearing in mind the needs of children at each stage. For the 0 to 2 years stage it is important, for example, to select chairs with backrests for the little ones who are just starting to walk. It is better if the seats have backrests as this will offer them greater safety. For children from the age of 2, it is very positive to provide them with small libraries, children's desks or other furniture adapted to their height that facilitates access and allows them to encourage their independence.

When they are older, children can make use of larger pieces of furniture that they will be able to use for much longer. For example, desks, bookshelves, children's chairs, trundle beds. In Muemue we offer a wide variety of modern youth furniture and of course we work daily to expand our range little by little.

Muemue, your online children's furniture shop

Armchairs to enjoy a moment of play or rest, comfortable sofas with a very chic design or beautiful bookcases that combine perfectly with the children's room. Each piece of children's furniture that makes up a room fulfils a different function and is therefore necessary for children to develop their autonomy and personality. In addition to functionality, another very important function is to complement the decoration of their room. So, with Muemue's youth bedroom furniture, everyone will be happy, from the little ones and youngsters for having their own custom-made furniture, to the parents for being able to enjoy a harmonious space that also protects their children.

Made with materials resistant to all kinds of misfortunes and easy to wash, the children's and youth furniture in our online shop are ideal to accompany our children in their daily lives. It is true that, like any other type of objects intended for children, they will require periodic cleaning.

Trust Muemue if you are looking for youth furniture at low prices and good quality, with really beautiful or exclusive designs, and carefully chosen to accompany your children's growth. Our furniture, whatever it is, is fully functional and offers the commitment and guarantee that always represents us.


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