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Lamps and Garlands

Comprar Lámparas y Guirnaldas infantiles

€4.99 (VAT incl.) €8.74
Nice led mini cloud that will help the smallest of the house to fall asleep, it is also very decorative and will beautify any place in the room.  Measurements: 8.3 cm high x 15.5 cm wide x 9.2 cm deep.
€4.99 (VAT incl.) €8.74
Mini white led bunny that will help the smallest of the house to fall asleep and sleep peacefully. Measurements: 12 cm high x 12,5 cm wide x 8 cm deep.
€4.99 (VAT incl.) €8.74
A glowing teddy bear will be a very special detail in your decoration. It consumes little energy and you will want to have more than one. Batteries included.
€60.00 (VAT incl.) €75.00
Snuffy is made of soft silicone and brings a soothing and comforting light, the cheerful and energetic little friend will stay by the bedside with her little tail at ease and her eyes alert. Darkness will only bring...
€12.99 (VAT incl.)
Table lamp designed with 3 pine wood legs and a lampshade. Use it in any space, for the bedside table, or to illuminate your living room. It combines great in any nordic, modern or boho environment. It looks very...
€9.99 (VAT incl.) €12.99
The most chic lamp, with a minimalist design, lets you show off the coolest bulbs on the market.  It fits in all decorations, from a sober and minimalist design to a more classic design. Measurements : D. 13 x H....
€9.99 (VAT incl.)
Decorative garland of pompoms in pink and white tones. It will add a delicate touch to any room. Wrap it around your bed and bunk bed and you will see how beautiful it is. It consists of 10 LEDs. Measurements:...
€5.99 (VAT incl.)
Garland with 10 balls of 6cm diameter. They are the ideal complement to give warmth to the children's room. They are very decorative and at night, the illuminated garlands create a very cosy atmosphere that will make...
€7.99 (VAT incl.)
Children's lamp in the shape of a little house, decorated with a funny bunny riding a bicycle and pretty little golden stars. When the lamp is switched on, the magic begins! Measurements: 11,5 cm x 21 cm. Weight:...
€9.99 (VAT incl.) €11.99
Beautiful lamp for a children's room, youth or even a double room as well as for the dining room or a hall. With a nice bulb it will look spectacular.  Measurements: L. 14 x W. 10 x H. 28 cm Length of cable: L. 150...
€11.99 (VAT incl.)
Beautiful table lamp to illuminate your favourite corners. Its design is modern and industrial. Product dimensions: 15ø x 23 cm high. Base: Diameter 15ø x 3 cm high. Colour: black Material of the grille lampshade:...
€19.99 (VAT incl.) €29.99
Safari pendant lamp, combine it in any industrial style environment, made in black lacquered metal. Give a super trendy touch to any space in your home, with this modern lamp. width diam.35cm and length up to 120cm....
€29.99 (VAT incl.) €39.99
Beautiful retro style lamp, vintage in bronze colour. Specially designed to illuminate the most stylish rooms. Its legs are tripod and the spotlight is adjustable. Lights and action! Measurements: Lamp : 30ø x 68...
€10.00 (VAT incl.) €19.99
Hanging lamp with bell in galvanised metal, imitating the typical flowerpot. With relief letters. Give a country touch to your home, with this chic lamp, ideal for patios, kitchens or living rooms with a country...
€9.99 (VAT incl.)
This garland is super decorative, it will look great adorning their beds and bunk beds. And it will add a touch of nature to any room.  The little ones will love to have a bit of nature in their rooms.  It is made...

Children's lamps and decorative garlands

Children's lamps are a very useful decorative resource in a children's room or bedroom. In addition to their usefulness, they often help to add a touch of distinction and beauty to a particular room. At night, children's bedside lamps offer a very necessary complement for children as they can help them to sleep better or not to be afraid at specific moments.

As for children's decorative garlands, generally, they have always been used as a better one-off decorative element during festive periods, for example, during Christmas parties or some other kind of festive event. Fortunately, this has changed and now decorative garlands are increasingly being used in interior decorations and especially in children's and teenagers' rooms.

Decorative garlands offer great versatility as they can be used as a decorative element in any part of the house, be it a living room, a bedroom, a balcony, a garden, etc. Moreover, they are nowadays very fashionable in home decoration and therefore there is a great variety of shapes and designs. In our case, we always prefer to opt for simple designs and softer colours so that they fit perfectly within our design lines and the style of our Muemue furniture.

As we mentioned, both children's lamps and decorative garlands are very versatile resources that you can place in any corner of the children's room, providing them with light and offering great warmth to the room. As for the garlands, a good place to place them would be, for example, on a shelf or near the rest area.

Decorative banners for children's rooms

At Muemue we never tire of saying that children's decoration is surely the most pleasant and fun part of a home renovation. When decorating a children's room, we must bear in mind many aspects, among which is selecting an appropriate decoration according to the character and tastes of the youngest members of the household. For example, you can use some fun decorative pennants and place them high up on the ceiling to create a festive atmosphere that the children are sure to love.

Colourful pennants also give the room a fun, festive look, but they also give the room light and a more relaxed character. It is very important for children to have light, especially at night, as they are often afraid of the dark, and banners are a great help at this time. With the help of the pennants that you will find in our online shop Muemue, our children will be calmer and more relaxed and, therefore, they will be able to fall asleep much better at night.

Remember that at Muemue you will find a complete selection of furniture and decoration to dress up your home. From living room furniture and furniture for adult bedrooms to furniture and decorative accessories for children's and young people's bedrooms. In the shop we follow very clear design and style parameters based on Nordic designs, very simple lines and soft colours. In Muemue we are committed to minimalist and bright environments that exude harmony. We invite you to come in and see our full range of products.

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