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Children's lamps are an original element of children's lighting, as they provide a soft light to the room, and at the same time they amuse us with their shapes and children's drawings.

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LED lamp in the shape of a star. It is perfect for optimising the decoration of children's bedrooms in a Nordic style. The LED technology is low-consumption. The lamp measures 135 x 140 x 50 millimetres and runs on...

Children's lamps and decorative garlands

Children's lamps are a very useful decorative resource in a children's room or bedroom. In addition to their usefulness, they often help to add a touch of distinction and beauty to a particular room. At night, children's bedside lamps offer a very necessary complement for children as they can help them to sleep better or not to be afraid at specific moments.

As for children's decorative garlands, generally, they have always been used as a better one-off decorative element during festive periods, for example, during Christmas parties or some other kind of festive event. Fortunately, this has changed and now decorative garlands are increasingly being used in interior decorations and especially in children's and teenagers' rooms.

Decorative garlands offer great versatility as they can be used as a decorative element in any part of the house, be it a living room, a bedroom, a balcony, a garden, etc. Moreover, they are nowadays very fashionable in home decoration and therefore there is a great variety of shapes and designs. In our case, we always prefer to opt for simple designs and softer colours so that they fit perfectly within our design lines and the style of our Muemue furniture.

As we mentioned, both children's lamps and decorative garlands are very versatile resources that you can place in any corner of the children's room, providing them with light and offering great warmth to the room. As for the garlands, a good place to place them would be, for example, on a shelf or near the rest area.

Decorative banners for children's rooms

At Muemue we never tire of saying that children's decoration is surely the most enjoyable and fun part of renovating a house. When decorating a children's room, we must bear in mind many aspects, including selecting the right decoration according to the character and tastes of the youngest members of the household. For example, you can use some fun decorative pennants and place them high up on the ceiling to create a festive atmosphere that the children are sure to love.

Colourful pennants also give the room a fun, festive look, but they also give the room light and a more relaxed character. It is very important for children to have light, especially at night, as they are often afraid of the dark, and banners are a great help at this time. With the help of the banners that you will find in our Muemue online shop, our children will be calmer and more relaxed and will therefore be able to sleep much better at night.

Remember that in Muemue you will find a complete selection of furniture and decoration to dress your home with success. From living room furniture and furniture for adult bedrooms to furniture and decorative accessories for children's and young people's bedrooms. In the shop we follow very clear design and style parameters based on Nordic designs, very simple lines and soft colours. In Muemue we are committed to minimalist and bright environments that exude harmony. We invite you to come in and see our full range of products.

Decorative garlands for children

Adding a personal and fun touch to the little ones' room is easy when you add garlands, these cute and trendy floating accessories. Each garland consists of a series of hanging figures. Muemue offers beautiful designs for rooms with contemporary styles: fluffy pompoms like clouds, luminous spheres or Chinese lanterns will transform any common area into a wonderful space. Our garlands also do double duty: they decorate and illuminate your child's bedroom with soft dreamy lights.

Decorating children's parties with balloons and garlands

Setting the scene is very important when organising a party for children, they love to play in friendly and imaginative spaces! An easy and economical option to create them is by placing garlands and balloons. The former provide light and shape. The latter, colour and movement. Choosing a colourful palette or pastel shades will be great to give the room an emotional style: sweet, fun or relaxing.

Decorating a children's room with garlands

Looking for an original touch for your princess or champion's room? Try a garland of lights, the latest decorative trend in children's rooms, and you'll find fantastic designs at Muemue! Models like the Petit Garland or the garland of white and pink pompoms are ideal for a feminine bedroom, with fantasy themes like princesses, unicorns or fairy tales.  If you are looking for a unisex decoration we recommend the Sweet Garland with delicate white spheres that light up. This minimalist decoration goes with all themes and styles. The Liberty Garland will suit you much better if you want a more oriental aesthetic.

Children's decorative light garlands

A suitable source of light for a child's or baby's room is provided by decorative garlands of lights. Delicate rows of pompoms, spheres or paper lanterns, which look magical when the night falls. In Muemue accessories you will find two distinctive features: style and excellent quality. You can choose from garlands in different styles, made of good materials and with a palette of fashionable colours, in line with the decorative preferences of the moment.

Children's decorative garlands with lights

Rows with light spheres or pompoms with bright lights are great. Practical, discreet and easy to combine. As a light source they provide a very pleasant setting, where children can sleep without fear of the dark, as well as providing significant energy savings. 

Decorating a small room with garlands

Do you have only a few square metres available for lamps or additional accessories? In this case, garlands are a great way to decorate. Installed from the ceiling, they won't take up an inch of space. A pastel coloured garland with lights will create a warm and cosy atmosphere, the kind of environment that children need to feel safe and secure.

Decorative garland for babies' rooms

Give an original touch to your baby's room with a garland that lights up their dreams. The Muemue models are unique for the versatility of their design, which fits perfectly in Nordic, modern and vintage environments.  The soft light they give off will be useful for rocking your little one, feeding him or changing him at night, without hurting the sight of both of you.

LED garlands for room decoration

It's a fact that LED lights are economical, stylish and environmentally friendly. Incorporating them into a garland will be the perfect touch to crown your child's room, a well-lit space that reflects their personality - the shape and movement of light garlands create a childlike aesthetic that will never go out of style!


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