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Soft toys and Dolls

An adorable bunny toy that will become your little one's favourite toy, it will brighten up every space where you decide to put it. Embroidered details make this cute toy special. Plush bunny in pastel colours with a...
Who wants a new friend? Introducing Pol, a cute and cuddly cuddly octopus.  Measurements: 16x22x14 cm (height x width x depth) Weight: 0,119 kg Material : Recycled polyester and polyester
An irresistible cuddly toy for your little ones! Gloria is a beautiful stuffed giraffe that your little ones will have fun playing with. Measurements: height 100x width 23 x depth 43 cm.
This will be your children's favourite piece of furniture. A cuddly toy that can be used as a pouffe can be a very happy surprise for the little ones. Or a seat where they can rest for a few minutes. This pouffe is...
This activity centre is perfect for developing fine motor skills. Fasten laces, rotations, gears, insert a card. All these activities will be a great help in the development of your little ones. From 12/18 months and...

Are cuddly toys important in a child's life?

Soft toys are essential in every child's life. They have characteristics that make all children feel a special attachment to them, especially because of their shape and softness.

For a child, a cuddly toy is like a best friend. They feel protected when mum or dad is not around. They also help them to express their emotions. They practice their first words with them.

Dolls, like cuddly toys, are a great learning tool. Through the interaction that children experience with their dolls, they gain a better understanding of the world around them.

Playing with cuddly toys and dolls is an educational resource for children through which they acquire numerous social, cognitive, intellectual and other skills.

Imitation games

Imitation games are essential for the correct physical and intellectual development of a child. As children play, they learn and understand how the world around them works. This type of play fosters learning such as socialisation and problem solving among others.

Therefore, it is important to give children as much play time as possible, especially when they are very young and have no responsibilities. Their only obligation in childhood is to have time to play, to carry out activities, especially in the family and, of course, to socialise with other children of their age.

Great variety of cuddly toys in Muemue

In this section we present our selection of Muemue teddies and dolls. Made of cotton and polyester, they offer great softness and warmth. The little ones at home will love to carry them with them all the time. From super hero dolls, animals and dolls with or without wicker basket.

A wide range of decorative items for children

In our online furniture and decoration shop you will find everything you need to dress and decorate the children's room.We are specialists in the sale of children's furniture and we want to present you our entire range, from Montessori beds and bunk beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside tables, etc. In Muemue we want to offer you the best service and for this reason, we have selected for you a beautiful range of decorative items so that you can combine them with the furniture that you like the most. Enter our decorative items section and there you will find everything from lighting, rugs, curtains, garlands, bed linen, etc.

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