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Buy wooden boxes and storage baskets

Add storage to children's bedroom furniture or playroom furniture. Buy a handy wooden box in which to store small toys and utensils easily, without getting lost in drawers and out-of-sight places.

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Set of 3 decorative suitcases for children. This kind of elements are small details that will make the room look very well decorated. In addition, these beautiful suitcases will allow children to keep their things in...

Benefits of wooden boxes and storage baskets

Storage boxes and decorative baskets offer many advantages when it comes to keeping everything tidy at home. So to speak, they are especially useful resources to keep your home in perfect order and harmony, where you can leave everything you are not using at the moment in a safe place. In this way, decorated wooden boxes are very useful complements to optimize the space at home, gain in functionality, as well as to protect what we love the most, and they are also very decorative elements!

At Muemue we have a wide variety of original boxes and baskets in different sizes, styles and materials so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We have boxes for both adults and children. Wooden boxes with lids, painted wooden boxes and storage boxes for children designed in bright, lively colours and with drawings that will be very attractive for the children in the house, awakening their interest in organising their things.

Thus, wooden boxes and decorative baskets can be used to store all kinds of things in a wardrobe, in drawers, on a shelf and also to leave them visible on the floor, so that they can be seen as a decorative element in the room. For example, wicker baskets are very versatile. Depending on the material they are made of, their design and size, they can be used to store many things in the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and they can also be used outdoors, the functions that a storage basket can have are unlimited.

Wide variety of storage boxes and decorative baskets

At Muemue, online furniture and decoration shop, we have a wide selection of storage boxes and decorative baskets to dress up your home and organise each of its elements completely. As you can see in the catalogue that accompanies this page, we have all kinds of storage elements such as boxes and original baskets so that the rooms in your home look their best.

Learning to organise your home with the Montessori philosophy

The concept of the Montessori philosophy indicates that the child is capable of carrying out numerous tasks on his or her own if the environment is organised, oriented and adapted to the physiological needs of the child.

In this way, the process of learning and organisation in the case of children can be a relatively easy and enjoyable task if the adult provides the children with the appropriate tools. In this sense, what we at Muemue try to convey is that if a child is provided with the right material, safe and with attractive features, children will carry out these tasks with greater interest and in a more active and easier way for them.

Therefore, a good way for children to learn to organise their things is through play and the Montessori philosophy. By presenting situations in an attractive way for children, we will get them to do anything by themselves with little effort.

Decorative storage boxes

Having boxes is a common measure to organise our objects. But when they are in plain sight, it is very important that they blend in with the decor.  At Muemue you will find multiple styles of boxes and baskets that follow the latest decorative trends for children's rooms. Beautiful storage units in colours and designs that little ones will love.

Decorative storage boxes

Striped, dotted, animal, black and white, and pastel colours, our boxes boast the best variety of styles at your fingertips.  All of them are available for multiple bedroom styles: feminine, masculine, unisex, Nordic, vintage and more! There's a whole universe of shape and colour in these storage boxes that will help you transform your child's space.

Decorative storage boxes

Decorative boxes are the best way to optimise storage in the children's bedroom. Thanks to them we can separate and organise belongings such as toys, supplies and clothes, placing them on shelves or in wardrobes. Choosing a stylish set of boxes will be great for adding a different touch to the room, and there are plenty to choose from!

Decorative wooden boxes

Part of instilling in children the importance of tidiness is giving them the tools they need to put it into practice. Decorative wooden boxes will be a great help in teaching them. Choose a set of boxes with a child-friendly design and organise the things in their room together. This is a good way to learn where toys, books, clothes and anything else in their bedroom go.

Wooden storage boxes

Even something as ordinary as wooden boxes can become the focal point of a child's bedroom. With or without lids, plain or made of pallets, they will be as functional as they are aesthetic. Designs like the ones you will find in Muemue, nice and timeless, are great to help children with the organization of their things.

Decorative boxes and baskets

An alternative to traditional decorative boxes are baskets made of fabric and/or wood. Both storage units will serve an important function in preserving order in the little ones' room. Objects such as toys, books, magazines and things to paint, could have their own space without getting lost or cluttered, with a couple of boxes or baskets where children always have them at hand.

Decorative boxes for the living room

But it is not only the children's bedroom that can benefit from the use of decorative boxes. Sometimes it is also useful to have them in the living room, with books and magazines for guests, or objects that we want to keep close by. Muemue offers you modern and elegant designs, which will complement the aesthetics you have chosen for this room in your home in a fantastic way.

Decorative boxes with lids

We don't always like our things to be in plain sight. Decorative boxes with lids will be ideal when you need to store those objects that you consider more personal, yours or your kids'.  An advantage is that they will keep them safe from dust and dirt from outside. That is why they are recommended, above all, for clothes and clothing accessories, books and notebooks.

Storage boxes and baskets

In the bedroom, in the living room, in the playroom; every room has a place for boxes and storage baskets, which make any corner an ideal spot to preserve order and allow us to make the most of our empty spaces. All you have to do is choose the right style to make a wonderful change..

Decorative storage boxes with lids

We don't always want to display our objects, especially when it comes to very intimate things like clothes, or things that have a great meaning for us. In this case, decorative boxes with lids are a fantastic storage option. Practical boxes that help you organise discreetly.

Decorative boxes with lids

Just like baskets and open boxes, Muemue's lidded boxes are characterised by their trendy styles that you can integrate into various rooms, from living rooms to children's rooms. Add them to your home and give everything a place.


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