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Boxes and baskets

In this strawberry-shaped basket they will be able to keep their toys as well as their most precious treasures.  Size: 22 x 27 cm Weight: 0,450 kg Material: Cotton
Basket in the shape of a small suitcase made of natural palm with 1 front handle and a button closure. This type of basket is very versatile, it can be used to store small accessories and also decorate any space in...
Small natural palm basket with 2 handles. This type of basket is very versatile, it can be used to store and decorate any corner of the home. For adults, it is an ideal storage element and can also serve as a...
Set of 3 decorative suitcases for children. This kind of elements are small details that will make the room look very well decorated. In addition, these beautiful suitcases will allow children to keep their things in...
€22.49 €29.99
Set of decorative wooden boxes for youth bedrooms. These little boxes come in a variety of patterns. They are made of MDF painted with Black and White patterns. Large box size: 15 x 40 x 28 cm. (height x width x...
€3.19 €3.99
Storage boxes are very useful for organising and keeping things in perfect order. For children they are really practical accessories. They need to learn from a very young age to keep order in their own room....
€5.59 €7.99
These "Unicorn" storage boxes will allow the little ones to keep their room in order. They are made of cardboard, fabric and polypropylene. From infancy, it is very important that children learn little by little to...
From infancy, it is very important that children gradually learn to put their things in order. These small gestures they make in the earliest stages of their lives will help them to manage their lives better as...
From infancy, children need to learn the value of keeping things in order. This kind of fun little boxes will help the little ones to organise their things. The box has a very soft and pleasant velvety feel....
€34.99 €44.99
This little box with shelf is perfect for the little ones to store their things and keep their room tidy. As well as giving a fun touch to any corner. The wooden box is made up of three shelves that help to keep...

Benefits of wooden storage boxes and baskets

Storage boxes and decorative baskets offer many advantages when it comes to keeping everything tidy at home. So to speak, they are especially useful resources to keep your home in perfect order and harmony, where you can leave everything you are not using at the moment in a safe place. In this way, decorated wooden boxes are very useful complements to optimize the space at home, gain in functionality, as well as to protect what we love the most, and they are also very decorative elements!

At Muemue we have a wide variety of original boxes and baskets in different sizes, styles and materials so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We have boxes for both adults and children. Wooden boxes with lids, painted wooden boxes and storage boxes for children designed in bright, vivid colours and with drawings that will be very attractive for the children in the house, awakening their interest in organising their things.

In this way, wooden boxes and decorative baskets can be used to store all kinds of things inside a wardrobe, in drawers, on a shelf and also to leave them in sight on the floor, so that they can be seen as another decorative element in the room. For example, wicker baskets are very versatile. Depending on the material they are made of, their design and size, they can be used to store many things in the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and even outside, the functions a storage basket can have are limitless.

Wide range of storage boxes and decorative baskets

In Muemue, online furniture and decoration shop, we have a wide selection of storage boxes and decorative baskets to dress up your home and organize each of its elements completely. As you can see in the catalogue that accompanies this page, we have all kinds of storage elements such as boxes and original baskets so that the rooms in your home look their best.
Learning to organise your home with the Montessori philosophy

The concept of the Montessori philosophy indicates that the child is capable of carrying out numerous tasks on his or her own if the environment is organised, oriented and adapted to the physiological needs of the child.

In this way, the process of learning and organisation in the case of children can be a relatively easy and enjoyable task if the adult provides the children with the appropriate tools. In this sense, what we at Muemue try to convey is that if a child is provided with the right material, safe and with attractive features, children will carry out these tasks with greater interest and in a more active and easier way for them.

Therefore, a good way for children to learn to organise their things is through play and the Montessori philosophy. By presenting situations in an attractive way for children, we will get them to do anything by themselves with little effort.

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