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Montessori Furniture

€179.99 (VAT incl.) €189.99
The most robust Montessori bed on the market. With its section of 4.8 x 4.8 cm it is the bed with the strongest structure. Made of Russian pine wood. With a 15mm thick plywood bed base. Complete the bedroom with...
€249.99 (VAT incl.) €299.99
SAWYER Montessori cottage bed with handrails to create dream spaces. Available in white and pine, the white model is lacquered and the pine model is made of natural solid pine wood, also lacquered in natural. It has...
€339.99 (VAT incl.)
The little ones grow so fast! We present the Matilda evolving bed, for a 90cm wide mattress, the interior measurement is from 140cm to 2 metres. These beds are ideal, because the little ones feel like they are in a...
€89.99 (VAT incl.)
Learning tower, "let me do it myself". A learning tower made of solid pine and lacquered with child-friendly lacquers. With 3 height-adjustable steps so that your little one can help you in the kitchen. You can...
€79.99 (VAT incl.)
Una torre de aprendizaje hecha en pino macizo y lacada con lacas aptas para niños. Con una altura para que tu peque pueda ayudarte en las tareas de la cocina. Podéis preparar un plato juntos o puede preparase él...
€59.98 (VAT incl.) €69.98
Beautiful adventure hut for your little ones, it is made of natural pine wood. You have the possibility to dress it in two colours, in pink or grey tones. With 5,3 kg, the little house will be comfortable enough to...
€49.99 (VAT incl.)
Let them develop their creativity on this cute little house-shaped blackboard, a place to colour and let their imagination run wild.Measurements: 75.3 x 3 x 116.2 cm.Materials: Pine and wood fibres. Can be hung on the...
€59.99 (VAT incl.)
Our Funny book bookcase is specially designed for children's use. It has 4 storage levels and wooden rods for children's safety. This system prevents the stored objects from falling. This product is part of the...
€58.90 (VAT incl.)
Scandinavian style bookcase with three shelves to organise and keep visible the books of the little big reader of the house. Its cloud-shaped design, its rails to hold the books and its little legs in natural colour...
€64.99 (VAT incl.) €79.99
The bookcase made of wood, with a drawer and wheels, is perfect for keeping children's toys and books close at hand.  Measurements: Width 67.5 x Depth 30 and Height 93.5 cm. Weight: 14,1 Kg Easy to assemble...
€22.99 (VAT incl.)
The imagination of the little ones has no limits, let's encourage this important aspect, so that it remains in them for as long as possible. The fantasy of unicorns is a theme that they love, so with the unicorn stool...
€22.99 (VAT incl.)
With the bambi stool you can create a fantastic forest in your home and your children will be happy to be surrounded by it! Combine them according to your little ones' taste, so that they can also take part in their...
€22.99 (VAT incl.)
When the little ones start to walk, they love everything to be at their level, with the Bunny stool, they can sit down and stand up easily, and the little ears act as a stopper to avoid accidents. They will be...
€12.99 (VAT incl.)
This stool will help with the recreation of your little one and will give a very decorative and chic touch to the room or your favourite place, it comes with two colour tones, the pink and white with a wooden part....

What is Montessori furniture and how to incorporate it into the decoration of our home?

Before starting to furnish or decorate our rooms with this characteristic style, it is important to know where the Montessori concept comes from, as well as what Montessori style furniture is. To begin with, the word Montessori has its origin in an educational model created by Maria Montessori, an Italian educator who offered a unique educational model totally contrary to what was offered at the beginning of the century. A totally revolutionary teaching method in which the child was the centrepiece of his or her education, being fully competent to make decisions for him or herself.

In the world of decoration and interior design, the Montessori philosophy has also had a significant impact worldwide, offering a very interesting decorative style that we at Muemue have been delighted to embrace. Within children's decoration, this style allows us to offer the smallest children a complete selection of Montessori children's furniture and Montessori style decoration adapted to their needs and size.

At Muemue we are a reference in Montessori furniture and decoration. In our shop we have been working for many years with the best suppliers in the sector, who have our full confidence when it comes to offering the best quality products possible and at the most competitive prices.

Montessori furniture and decoration at the best price in Muemue

In Muemue we are specialists in Montessori furniture, committed to the full autonomy of children and creating elements that help them develop as a person. In our shop we trust in the philosophy of "Do it yourself" as a tool to improve their development and learning, for this reason, we carefully choose all our products thinking at all times in the safety and welfare of the little ones.

Our Montessori beds and bunk beds, as well as decorating and looking great in any children's bedroom, allow children to get in and out of them without the need for adult help. And that's not all, because at Muemue we also have other types of products designed under this philosophy such as Montessori toys, as well as shelves, tables, chairs, everything you need for your Montessori room.

Muemue's Montessori children's decoration aims to follow very clear parameters and guidelines. For this reason, we always opt for decorative objects with simple designs, using totally natural materials and light colours. The light tones that characterise our furniture and decoration are the right choice because they offer numerous advantages. So to speak, montessori shelves, montessori bunk beds, as well as, other types of articles manage to bring a greater luminosity and comfort to every room in the house.

Take a look at our selection of Montessori furniture at Muemue. Each of our proposals have been selected with all our love and thinking at all times in the care and comfort of the little ones. With our articles we offer you a large catalogue of Montessori children's furniture and decoration so that you can enhance the children's room and make the most of your home at a lower price. Remember that in our online shop we have all kinds of accessories and textile complements to complete the look of the children's room, we have everything you need for children's beds such as mattresses, pillows, duvet covers and cushions, as well as everything you need for Montessori bed decoration.

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