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Wall Decoration

Place a coat rack in their room at the height of the little ones, so they can collaborate in maintaining order in their room.  This coat rack is very decorative, and brightens up any room, so it will be more fun to...
This shelf evokes paradisiacal landscapes, a tropical beach, decorated in the purest boho style, where you can relax and escape from daily stress. Get a little bit of this by decorating your own little corner of peace...
Macramé is a trendy material. This shelf, in addition to its functionality, brings a Boho style to any room. With some little plants on this shelf, you will have a beautiful wall. If you want it to be Montessori,...
These rope and wood shelves are trendy! Super decorative, give it that touch of natural warmth that will make your house a home. Display the most beautiful photos or the decorations you like the most on this shelf....
€8.99 €14.99
Unicorn dreamcatcher, very decorative for the children's room. It is said that, the dreamcatchers are amulets and allow to filter the negative dreams leaving only the good ones. Measurements: 76 x 18,5 x 1 cm....
€3.99 €4.99
Cute cloud and droplet mobile that will help your baby develop a sense of observation and movement.  Made of wood fibres and cotton. Measurements : length 23,8 x width 1,3 x height 57,5 cm. This product is made of...
Let them develop their creativity on this cute little house-shaped blackboard, a place to colour and let their imagination run wild.Measurements: 75.3 x 3 x 116.2 cm.Materials: Pine and wood fibres. Can be hung on the...
This garland is super decorative, it will look great adorning their beds and bunk beds. And it will add a touch of nature to any room.  The little ones will love to have a bit of nature in their rooms.  Dimensions:...
€4.19 €6.99
Vinyl in 2 sheets, with bunny illustration. This way you can personalise the door of your room. Very easy to install on any door, you can make several compositions, let your creativity fly! Measurements: length 50...
Picture with MDF frame, inner sheet with bunny illustration. The inner sheet can be replaced by another one.    Measurement: 38x40cm
Picture with MDF frame, inner sheet with illustration of the space. The inner foil can be replaced by another one.  Measurements: 38x40cm
Picture with MDF frame, inner sheet with illustration of a puppy with which you will decorate the room of the little ones. The inner sheet can be replaced by another one.   Measurements: 38x40cm
€10.50 €34.99
Original set of children's doggy pictures. There are 4 hanging frames in different sizes. The largest frame measures 38 x 40 cm and the three smaller frames measure 22 x 16 cm. The frames are pastel pink, ideal for...
Picture with MDF frame, inner sheet with illustration. The inner sheet can be replaced by another. Measurements: 38x40 cm
€10.50 €34.99
Set of children's pictures with printed frames in black and white tones. It's a perfect combination for Nordic style children's rooms. The large frame measures 38 x 40 cm and the three small frames measure 22 x 16 cm....
€6.99 €9.99
Beautiful and decorative half moon mirror with delicate golden fringes.  MEASUREMENTS: width 25 x depth 0,3 x height 34 cm. Material: Golden strips made of mixed fibres.

Children's wall decoration at the best price

Muemue's children's wall decoration follows very clear style parameters. We are committed to simple decorative elements, among which natural materials in pastel colours stand out, providing a very modern Nordic style touch. Wall decoration is one of the most important elements to take into account. Walls offer great decoration possibilities in a home, also for the decoration of children's rooms. Therefore, in our online shop you will find a good catalogue of products and accessories to decorate your walls, from frames with very nice pictures, mirrors, dream catchers, shelves, etc. Each decorative element is designed to highlight the wall decoration, your own style and the beauty of your home.

Wall murals for children and teenagers

The decoration of children's bedrooms is a very important resource because it is through this decoration that the character, the way of being and the tastes or hobbies of the child can be revealed. It is his own space and, therefore, it has to be characterised in the way he feels happy and comfortable.

In this section we would like to show you our range of wall murals so that the little ones can let their imagination run wild. In our Muemue online shop we have a wide range of wall murals for children's and teenagers' bedrooms. Among the most outstanding decorative murals in our online shop are mirrors, shelves and bookshelves, photo frames, LED lights, curtains, headboards and much more.

Wide variety of children's decorative items

In Muemue we also have other children's decoration items that may be of interest, such as decorative boxes, lamps with LED lights, stuffed animals, carpets, baskets, garlands, curtains, bed linen, etc. In our online shop we have selected a good catalogue of decorative items for children, ideal to complement the decoration of the most beautiful children's bedrooms you can imagine.

Each decorative element that is included in the home has to have presence and tell its own story. For this, at Muemue we only offer you Nordic decorative items, which guarantee their usability. We want you to create wonderful rooms, where you can feel fantastic. That's why we have selected the best furniture and decoration products for you. Take a look at our selection of children's decor items and make the most of the Nordic style. Don't forget to enhance this style with the most original textiles also available for adult bedrooms, children's bedrooms and textiles for the living room, check it out in our online shop.

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