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Imitation Toys

Do your kids love to paint? With this roll they won't be able to stop, 30 metres of fun. A healthy alternative to screens. Printed paper roll 30 m. Specially designed for children to have fun painting.  Material:...
Let them develop their creativity on this cute little house-shaped blackboard, a place to colour and let their imagination run wild.Measurements: 75.3 x 3 x 116.2 cm.Materials: Pine and wood fibres. Can be hung on the...
Wooden camera ideal for the most beautiful and original decorations.  Measurements: Length 13 x Width 4 x Height 8,5 cm. Material : Paulownia wood, pine and polyester. Colour : Blue and natural wood. This...
Let' s have fun at home! With the curved board the time for boredom is over. They will spend hours inventing and playing. With this board they will use their ingenuity for multiple functions. As a tunnel, as a...

Imitation games have a great potential to develop children's imagination. This type of play allows children to represent and imitate the role played by another person, usually an adult, in their daily life, not only in the family context but also in the social environment. By imitating the actions of another person, the child acquires many skills and abilities.

What are some of the most fun imitation games for children?

Children love to play imitating the figure of dad, mum, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. They also love to imitate the roles of some of the professions that we find in our daily lives, for example, teachers, cooks, shopkeepers, policemen, doctors, firemen, mechanics, etc.

Why is pretend play important?

Imitation games are essential for the correct physical and intellectual development of a child. As children play, they learn and understand how the world around them works. This type of play fosters learning such as socialisation and problem solving among others.

Therefore, it is important to give children as much play time as possible, especially when they are very young and do not have any responsibilities. Their only obligation in childhood is to have time to play, to carry out activities especially in the family and of course to interact in society with other children of their age.

What other tools can we provide for children?

The most important thing for children is to offer them the greatest possible happiness through family, affection, freedom, free time, experiences, respect and, of course, play.

The Montessori philosophy will also help parents to provide their children with the necessary tools to explore and learn by themselves everything that is happening around them. The Montessori philosophy has numerous advantages for children, because they are educated with respect and freedom.

At Muemue we want to do our bit so that children grow up happy.  Our range of children's furniture is specially designed under the Montessori philosophy, our Montessori beds and bunk beds are designed with the bed at ground level or with a lower height than usual so that the children themselves can get in and out of their own bed by themselves.

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