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Youth desks are a type of furniture specifically for teenagers and young adults, designed to provide a comfortable and functional workspace. Here are some fun and functional desks for kids.

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If your little one is an animal lover or would love to have a farm at home, then they'll love this table! Super combinable thanks to its neutral colours, include this table and give an original touch to any room. You...

The best youth desks at the best price

In every youth room there is a nice desk where children can do their homework. At Muemue we present you with an ideal catalogue of youth desks for your children, full of design, colour and innovation. Discover in our online shop the best desks for young people, where children can give free rein to their imagination performing any task assigned to them.

Muemue is an online shop of Nordic style furniture. We love to follow the latest trends in decoration and furniture and we know that Scandinavian design, with a certain vintage touch and an aura of modernity, is the one that prevails nowadays. As we owe it to all our customers and friends, we do not cease in our efforts and we offer you the best youth desks, always following our aesthetic and quality commitments.

The youth desk chairs and youth bedrooms will look beautiful with our youth desks. We are committed to offering our customers desks at a very affordable price, without sacrificing quality, versatility and functionality. It doesn't matter if your children's room is small or large, because in our online shop you are sure to find a children's or youth desk that suits your needs, both in terms of style and practicality.

The best desk for children is in Muemue. We invite you to enter our shop and take a look at the best catalogue of children's furniture of the moment. Are you going to miss it?

Discover the modern children's desks at Muemue

Our offer to complete children's rooms is fantastic. You can choose from a range of fun and super modern children's desks, which stand out for their colourful details and quality materials. At Muemue we offer wooden children's desks with a very simple style and natural tones, perfect for combining with any type of children's bedroom.

If you are looking for a cheap children's desk, we also have a nice range of cheap children's desks so that the smallest of the house can also have a table adapted to their size and where they can let their imagination run wild. Our range of children's desks is designed so that children from 18 months of age can use this type of accessory in a way that is safe for them. Children will therefore have a safe and pleasant space with Muemue children's desks.

Combine your children's desk or children's desks with our children's decoration.

You can combine all of our bedroom desks with the most beautiful desk chairs you've ever seen. Don't miss our selection of children's chairs for kids, because they are great for enhancing the design of today's youth and children's rooms. And it doesn't stop there, because with our selection of children's decor you can create a great space in the children's room.

Every child will want to do their homework at Muemue's children's desks and youth desks!

Children's desk

A very necessary element in the children's bedroom is the desk, that piece of furniture on which they can play, draw and later, do their school homework. As with any element in their room, it is best that it is functional and tasteful, as well as not taking up too much space. Muemue offers you models of desks that are very suitable for the little ones, whose Nordic style design will help you make the most of your space. Some of them have built-in drawers and bookshelves, great for keeping their tools and toys in order.

Children's desks

If you are looking for a classic children's desk, choose one of our wooden tables in light blue or neutral colours. Perfect for the little ones to feel at ease and have their creative tools at hand, such as watercolours, crayons, coloured pencils, crayons, colouring books, etc. The designs from our online furniture store are easy to integrate into any decorated bedroom, thanks to their simple aesthetics. The modern cut they handle not only looks good, but also suits their size and allows them to create a workspace of their own, which stimulates their imagination.

Girls' desks

Girls can also have a desk to suit their needs. Muemue's online catalogue offers beautiful classic desks that you can buy in pink or neutral tones to decorate your room. Fun alternatives include the Fox desk (in the shape of a fox) or the house desk (to match a Montessori bed). With her own workspace, your little princess can paint, play, write and read without neglecting her posture. Each of our furniture is designed to give her the support she needs during her development.

Wooden children's desk

We have simple desks for boys and girls. The most functional ones include one or two drawers where children can place their drawings, notebooks, books and pencils, preserving the organisation of their bedroom. Other original models are adjustable desks in the shape of a little house (very much in the style of Montessori beds) and folding desks with shelves. The latter are an excellent alternative when space is limited. For playing with a sibling or playmate, there's nothing better than desks with double stools. Beautiful miniature furniture that makes it easy for children to interact with each other by sitting opposite each other.

Desk chair

Having a custom-made seat is as useful as it is necessary. If you want to create a comfortable, cosy and aesthetically pleasing workspace in your child's bedroom, you would do well to take a look at our catalogue of simple desks, with and without a seat. The models with matching stools and/or chairs are among the most popular in the shop. These are custom-made chairs in Scandinavian colours and designs, which will never go out of fashion. They are also great for children to take care of their posture hygiene..

Wooden desk chair

Do you like classic and fun seating? Go for modern models like the Unicorn and Cars&City tables. Chairs with curved lines and in pastel colours such as white, blue and pink, which adapt easily to both masculine and feminine bedrooms. A more neutral option are the stools. These adorable miniature furniture pieces, round or square, combine beautifully with their matching tables, creating individual or couple's work corners. These seats will be the perfect complement to those little ones who love to sit and draw, read, doodle or play board games.

Desk with stool

Stools are a beautiful and comfortable alternative to chairs, where children can sit in style at the table. Their compact and minimalist silhouette will not look out of place in your baby's room. A practical advantage of the stool is that it can be stored completely under the desk, saving space when no one is sitting there. If you are looking for a desk with stools, Muemue offers two types of models: the single and the pair. The latter is especially useful if you have siblings at home, or for when your little one invites someone else to play.


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