Furniture and decoration for baby's room

The best furniture and decorative items for your baby. Buy online the cot, highchair, rocking chair, chest of drawers and the wardrobe for your baby's bedroom.

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Because your baby is the most important thing, with this Winnie cot you can rest assured. It complies with all European regulations, it is manufactured in the European Union. With lacquers and materials suitable for...
Arranging our home to create the perfect space for the arrival of a new member of the family is a challenge. The Soul cot is designed to adapt to this beautiful stage with the arrival of a baby at home. It complies...
Happy about the arrival of a baby? We are too! This is a time of non-stop changes, and at Muemue we want to help you in every way we can. The Cangu cot is a magnificent companion for your baby. With simple lines, it...
The ideal cot for your baby! Arlo is a comfortable cot, which will bring the right design to your or your baby's bedroom. The Arlo cot with its modern design fits in every room. This cot will look great with a...
The combination of wood and white is always a hit. The Rito cot will look beautiful in any room. It complies with all European regulations, it is manufactured in the European Union. With lacquers and materials...
Your baby's rest is assured with our Soul cot. It complies with all European regulations, it is manufactured in the European Union. With lacquers and materials suitable for babies.  The Soul cot, with its modern...
This model will envelop your baby's room with tenderness. Elegant and with sinuous lines, this cloud-shaped cradle will create the perfect atmosphere for your baby's first room.  The Cloud cot, with its modern...

Design the perfect room for your baby

Because the arrival of a baby turns our lives upside down. Your priority is your baby's wellbeing, time is very short, and the days are very intense. That's why Muemue wants to be by your side, to make it easier for you. From cots to decoration, we accompany you in the process of shaping your baby's room.

Baby furniture and decoration information table
Cots and minicots Our cots and minicots combine style and functionality to create a cosy and safe environment for your baby.
Changer A baby changing table is an essential part of the care routine. Designed with easy-to-clean surfaces, it simplifies everyday tasks.
Rocking chair

Much more than an armchair, it is a corner of calm in your home. Enjoy the gentle rocking and relax while you take care of your baby.

Children's highchair

Our wooden high chairs are perfect to complement the decoration of the rooms as well as being useful for the first meals with the family.

Pillows Cushions are always a good idea for decoration. At Mue Mue we have a wide catalogue of children's decoration.

Our selection of toys is specially designed to stimulate the senses and encourage your baby's cognitive growth, and if it doesn't break with the aesthetics of the room, so much the better.

We answer your questions about setting up a baby's room

When should you start setting up your baby's room?

Preparing the baby's room is an exciting task for parents-to-be and although some families choose to prepare the room months in advance, the choice ultimately depends on your availability and comfort. It is advisable to have it ready before the third trimester as it provides that sense of security as you get closer to your due date.

Tips for a safe room

  • Install safety gates if you have stairs or other dangerous areas in your home.
  • Secure furniture: secure furniture to the wall to prevent it from accidentally tipping over if the baby tries to climb or pull it. It is also advisable to secure furniture corners to prevent accidents.
  • Cover electrical sockets and use plug protectors to prevent baby from touching them and hide electrical cords.
  • Avoid loose objects in the cot and opt for tight-fitting, baby-friendly bedding.
  • Keep small objects, plastic bags and anything that could pose a choking hazard out of baby's reach.

What should a baby's room be equipped with?

When preparing a baby's room, there are essential items that should not be missing to ensure comfort, safety and care:

  • Cot or bassinet
  • Suitable bedding
  • Changing table or nappy changing table
  • Storage furniture
  • Nursing chair or rocking chaira
  • Appropriate lighting
  • Baby monitor
  • Baby care and hygiene products
  • Decoration and personal touches

Baby furniture and decoration at the best price at Mue Mue

Discover a world of baby furniture and decor at unbeatable prices at Mue Mue. Our commitment is to offer you quality, style and functionality at a price that suits your budget. You'll find a wide range of nursery furniture, from cots and changing tables to shelving and lamps, designed to create a cosy and safe space for your baby. Don't compromise quality for price; at Mue Mue, you'll find the best deals to furnish and decorate your baby's room without sacrificing excellence in design and safety.


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