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Elegant apron in grey, matches perfectly with the Bakery box set. With an illustration of Bakery on the front. An elegant and discreet design. Its composition has a high grammage, which makes it ideal for the kitchen....

Decorative cushions are the star accessory of any interior designer who knows what they are doing. They are so versatile that they can give a room a 180º turn, if we know how to do it. They are in the places where we want to feel most comfortable, such as the sofa and the bed, and they enrich any room.

They are more than just auxiliary elements: they act as a pillow for improvised naps, they make our hardest days better, etc.

In our catalogue there is room for cushions and cushion covers of all sizes, types, colours... We present you more in depth our offer and how they can help you in every room of your home. Check out our website..

Original children's cushions

It's common to imagine simple and boring designs when we think of cushions. Nothing could be further from the truth! Nowadays, children's cushions come in lots of original shapes and textures that kids love. Cushions in the shape of little animals, decorated with tassels and cute prints, are part of the fantastic cushions you'll find at Muemue, perfect for surprising your little one.

Decorative cushions for children

If you're looking for an inexpensive, easy and effective way to renovate children's rooms, cushions are a wonderful alternative. With their versatile prints and patterns, they can completely change the style of a bedroom. Plus, children will be happy to sleep with their favourite animals and colours.

Buy children's cushions

Muemue offers you a whole line of trendy cushions to decorate children's bedrooms. There is no better place to buy quality children's cushions at great prices. Buy the cushions of your choice online and have them delivered to the comfort of your home. Our system is totally secure. We accept multiple payment methods.

Children's cushions in the shape of animals

Among children's favourite designs are animal-shaped cushions: deer, rabbits, bears, dogs, whales and even beetles. Some animals, such as cats and unicorns, are immensely popular. Renovating your little one's bed with cushions of their favourite animals is a wonderful idea that you can do in a jiffy. Your child's joy will know no bounds.

Children's cloud cushions

Another popular cushion design is clouds. Nothing is better than imagining sleeping on a soft, fluffy cloud at night or while taking a restful nap. The cloud-shaped cushion will be a great detail on the bed of your champion or your princess, as cute as it is unexpected.

Children's floor cushions

We can't always stop the little ones from playing or falling asleep on the floor. What we can do is provide them with a more comfortable space. With a few cushions and a thick mattress or mattress topper, you can improvise a Montessori-style bed, ideal for children who are just starting to crawl or walk. Our square cushions in different sizes are the best for this cute project.

Children's cushion covers

The simplest cushions will be kept in better condition with a cushion cover. This practical accessory helps to protect children from dust and other unnoticeable particles. All cushion covers are easy to maintain and can be cleaned in the washing machine, recommended once a week.

Models of children's cushions

Variety is a must when choosing accessories for a children's room. Fortunately, Muemue handles different styles of cushions to suit all decorating styles: from Nordic-style rooms to traditional bedrooms with princesses, superheroes and animals. On our website you will find cushions in great sizes, colours and prints to match your bedding.

Children's round cushion

Muemue's line of cushions includes round, comfortable and original designs for children. This type of cushion is useful for resting their head while they sleep, watch TV or listen to a story. Our round cushions include fun designs of animals, stars and space motifs that kids will love.


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