Mattress 90x190x20 bunk bed / trundle bed


Mattress with the ideal height for the lower bed of our bunk beds and main bed of our nests.


They are composed of a 22kg density HR foam core. It is a medium firmness foam ideal for supporting growing bodies.

These mattresses are perfect from birth to adolescence, taking into account of course that if adults, as usual, sleep with them, we will be comfortable.

They also have a layer of viscoelastic foam that provides adaptability and additional comfort, providing that softness that facilitates the conciliation of sleep.

The fabrics that make up the mattress are:

* Breathable fabrics, to enjoy an optimal rest.

* They are made with fireproof fibres.

* All of them have anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic treatment, very important aspects to take into account when it comes to children.

* The fabrics are certified by Öeko-Tex, so we can be sure that they are safe and quality materials.

Does not include furniture or decoration, the pack is only the mattresses.

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They are made in Spain, by master craftsmen in the manufacture of mattresses. They have the experience of having made millions of mattresses.

They are delivered rolled up, so it is advisable to leave them to inflate sufficiently 24 hours after purchase.

Recommended for the following models:

Cottage bed Olaf MU0325-B

Montessori House Bunk Bed for Kids (lower bed) MU0311-3PI / MU0311-3B

Children's bunk bed wooden house Happy (lower bed) MU0317-B / MU0317-PI

Wooden children's bunk bed Tiana (lower bed) MU405.25 y MU405.50

Children's bunk bed Aventura (lower bed) MU404.25 / MU404.50 / 404.02

Compact bed 90 white with two beds + 2 drawers Aurora (upper bed) Aurora MUCOMPACTO4

Twin compact bed + 2 drawers Lilo  (upper bed) MUCOMPACTO3

White trundle bed + 2 drawers Ana MUCOMPACTOCM-15

Ottoman bed side-opening Nemo MUNEOCT90x190

Cottage bed Hansel 90x190cm (upper bed) 12463

Trundle bed with pull-out Ariel (upper bed) 13043

Maui cottage bed 13244

Folding bed Elsa MUCM10

White trundle bed + pull out bed with legs Bruno 90x190cm (upper bed) MUND1501

White trundle bed + pull out bed with legs Bruno 105x190cm (upper bed) MUND1511

White children's bunk bed Isabela 90x190cm (lower bed) MU427.50

Bunk bed Leia 90x190cm (lower bed) 14162 / 14375 / 15120

Product Details

Data sheet

Main colour

Main material

Mattress width cm

Mattress length cm

High cm

Width cm

Depth cm

Mattress unit

Contains wood

Country of origin

Bed size
90x190 cm

Number of places
1 place

Mattress firmness

mattress size
90x190 cm

Mattress height

2 years



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